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Editor Paul Wilkes looks at this second leg of the Copa del Rey, with Real Madrid leading 2-0. 

Pereira better suited to shackling Ronaldo

João Pereira loves to get forward, despite being caught out in one incident, he mainly kept Cristiano Ronaldo relatively quiet in comparison to last weekends match. In the first leg, the Portuguese international and Pablo Piatti were able to overload Marcelo with little protection from Ronaldo....


Editor Paul Wilkes looks at the key tactical influences in this match between two struggling teams.

Mathieu struggled at left-back

The understanding between Jordi Alba and Jérémy Mathieu over the last few seasons has been sublime, combining well and covering for whoever was furthest forward. Mathieu appeared more vulnerable with a more natural winger in-front of him, Markel...


It was meant to be the defining difference of what makes the Premiership better than the rest. Hard-working, physical, committed, full blooded, aggressive, direct - all superlatives to describe the team from Staffordshire. The English media were quick to jump on David De Gea, when he played there. The most infamous quote of all was that of former Sky TV pundit Andy Gray less than 18 months ago:

"I don't know if Barcelona have ever gone to a place like the Britannia stadium and suffered the kind of onslaught that Tony Pulis's players would put them under from long throws...


Ahead of the Europa league tie with England's Stoke City, LaLigaUK was present for Unai Emery's pre-match press conference. 

Q. Do the topsides in Spain view the league position more importantly or European competition ?

A. We have huge respect for this tournament, a recent memory of ours was reaching the quarterfinals of a previous tournament in the UEFA cup as it was known then when Atlético Madrid knocked us out, they went on to win the trophy that year. That gives us a real hope and desire to go as far as we can this season. We know...



"In Valencia we are in a process of reinventing ourselves in the face of necessity. Footballers who have given a lot to Valencia end up leaving, some because they are nearing retirement, others because they are at their peak to sell and for the club it makes sense economically. So we are having to bring in footballers in order for them to become important. We are in a process of nurturing footballers and we have to do this in an accelerated way as everyone's goal is to keep staying...

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