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Since becoming Real Madrid manager, José Mourinho has faced off against Barcelona a staggering ten times, with his only victory coming in extra time of the Copa del Rey final. The saga, has proved both entertaining and tiresome, familiarity has bred contempt. Each game the coach has learned more about the opposition, adapting finer details that have been successful whilst scrapping plans that have not. The more recent games...


Once again Pro-qualified referee Simon Fear looks in detail using explanations and pictures at the 2nd leg.

Barcelona –v- Real Madrid – Super Cup 2011.

Referee - Fernandez Borbalan

Venue –...


Pro-qualified and experienced referee Simon Fear examines the decisions from the 1st leg.

Real Madrid –v- Barcelona – Super Cup 2011.

Referee - Fernando Teixeira Vitienes

Venue - Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid.

Attendance – 79800.

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