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It's been over a year since LaLigaUK took a look at one of the £50 million player's individual performances, sceptic's may say we haven't missed much. The former Atléti and Liverpool striker went 26 hours of playing time without hitting the back of the net, but two goals in the FA cup against Leicester City might just have sprung him back into life. New interim manager Roberto Di Matteo has said: "He is not only a good player, he is a good guy. I have a lot...


The atmosphere at Old Trafford was electric, 8,000 fans had made the trip from Bilbao to Manchester. Their high spirits and friendliness refreshing as they walked down the Stretford Road towards the ground. The result was perhaps a little more optimistic than they would anticipate at this time.

The English media are now taking what seems like their first indulgence of the former Chile coach who captured the imagination of football fans all over the world with his attacking free-flowing football in South Africa last summer. Marcelo Bielsa...


Following Athletic Bilbao's impressive win at Old Trafford, manager Marcelo Bielsa faced the press conference and LaLigaUK was present.

Q. Were you pleased with the work rate off the ball this evening ?

A. I was pleased with our work rate off the ball as you mentioned there, I think it was a good enough standard to break down opportunities and stop our opponents building up any kind of rhythm to their play and building any attacks and we managed to do that quite...



Michel - Sevilla manager

"All matches are transcendant, to me there different games since I arrived. Atletico is another good test. We want to win."

"To face Simeone is an incentive. Simeone has gained much performance from his players and teams. It has been shown also in Argentina and Italy."

Sevilla made just one change to the side that beat Valencia last week. Leading scorer Álvaro Negredo looks set to miss a month with injury, Senegal striker Baba Diawara made his first start since joining from...


It was meant to be the defining difference of what makes the Premiership better than the rest. Hard-working, physical, committed, full blooded, aggressive, direct - all superlatives to describe the team from Staffordshire. The English media were quick to jump on David De Gea, when he played there. The most infamous quote of all was that of former Sky TV pundit Andy Gray less than 18 months ago:

"I don't know if Barcelona have ever gone to a place like the Britannia stadium and suffered the kind of onslaught that Tony Pulis's players would put them under from long throws...

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