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We recently spoke with former Wigan defender and current Köln player Román Golobart on growing up in Espanyol, life in Wigan, Roberto Martinez and Oasis.

Q. Your Dad played for Espanyol, was football a big topic round the dinner table as a youngster?

A. Of course, yeah it was sport and everything live. His first profession was a footballer and I was following in his foot steps, it's a major thing in our family. He keeps in touch with the sport, writing articles each week on Barcelona, being on the radio and television, so he is quite...


The arrival of Pep Guardiola at Bayern Munich this summer is likely to add a whole new wave of interest from Spain in the Bundesliga. The countries popularity with Spaniards has increased with one of the world's top managers joining the European champions. Few will be watching the countries 2nd division though, unless of course they reside from Catalonia.

During the transfer window defender Román Golobart turned down a new deal at Wigan Athletic to sign a three-year contract with FC Köln. "It was a little bit too late to get a deal done," he...


Today sees the first competitive match for the New York Cosmos in 30 years, the club has a rich heritage of attracting some of the world's best players. Though there are differences with this new branding of the side, they have brought in one player who is no stranger to the biggest matches. Marcos Senna won the European Championships with Spain in 2008 and was an integral part of the Villarreal team that reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. This week he has rung The Closing Bell on the New York Stock Exchange and lit the Empire State Building up Cosmos green. He met with...


The influx of Spaniards to other destinations across Europe seems to increase on a yearly basis, but now a number of players are traveling outside the continent. A particularly interesting case is that of the New York Cosmos, in the last few months they have attracted two La Liga players. This was the historic club that signed Pelé and Franz Beckenbauer in the mid-to-late seventies, but folded in 1984 after attendances fell and the calibre of the team. Now they are re-born with...


Our Editor Paul Wilkes looks at the trend of managerial changes and asks if Pepe Mel's success could have a detrimental effect.

Four teams out of last seasons top six will start the new campaign with a different manager in La Liga, but that's not just confined to the country of Spain as the English Premiership is faced with a similar dilemma. The key difference between the countries...

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