. Tactical Observations: Sevilla v Atlético Madrid 3/3/12
posted by Paul Wilkes (Editor) on 2012-03-04 01:00:00


Michel - Sevilla manager

"All matches are transcendant, to me there different games since I arrived. Atletico is another good test. We want to win."

"To face Simeone is an incentive. Simeone has gained much performance from his players and teams. It has been shown also in Argentina and Italy."

Sevilla made just one change to the side that beat Valencia last week. Leading scorer Álvaro Negredo looks set to miss a month with injury, Senegal striker Baba Diawara made his first start since joining from Marítimo. Michel had this to say about the forward in the week "He's a young kid and adaptation takes time, but he's progressing all the time, and he's the player who has scored the most goals in training."

The diagrams from the iObsess application don't yet display January signings so Reyes is represented by De Mul and Diawara by Samu. Silvio is actually Salvio for Atléti.


Diego Simeone - Atlético Madrid manager

"It will be a great game against an exciting team, there are a lot of teams fighting the same way with ourselves for a position in the Champions League."

"The team with more strength, more courage and perseverance will finish in the top four"

Simeone has forced to make three changes to the side that lost to Barcelona, Godín (suspended), Falcao and Turan (injured) all went out. In came Mario, Salvio and Domínguez. Diego was once again ruled out with a muscle injury, Arda Turan returned injured from international duty for the 3rd time this season. AS reported that the squad were without the players that had scored 79% of the goals under Simeone.

1st Half

Sevilla set up in a loose 4-4-1-1, Kanoute's positioning meant he had license to join Diawara in attack or make up the numbers in the centre of midfield. Atléti were more of a 4-2-3-1ish as Gabi was often a lot deeper than when Adrián has played the role in recent weeks. Sevilla settled the quicker, which is to be expected for the home side and with fewer changes to their starting eleven.

The goal from Atléti shocked Michel's men and the crowd, but was a sign of things to come. Atlético were able to work a number of 2v1 situations at the full back positions, the wingers were able to use the overlapping full-backs as decoys and move inside or outnumber the opposition to create chances, Salvio was particularly adept at decision making when looking to sneak in on the end of crosses as he did with the goal and on a further occasion. The normally steady Fernando Navarro was given a torrid time, especially when Reyes failed to track the advancing Juanfran.

For the home side they were able to see plenty of the ball, but were always threatened by the counter attack as Atléti sat deep. This meant it was difficult for them to use the pace of Reyes, Navas and Diawara to get in behind, Kanoute was often the best option as he intelligently slotted between the lines. Sevilla had 10 shots in the first half with just one finding the target compared to Atlético who had five with four forcing Palop to make a stop.

2nd Half

In the first half there were a couple of occasions when Diawara peeled off behind Juanfran, as Juanfran is naturally a winger this seemed a tactic which Sevilla were looking to exploit. In the opening few minutes of the second half Palop played a few long balls in behind Filipe Luis for both Kanoute and Navas. This became apparent that they were looking to take advantage of Atléti's attacking full backs, with Reyes not on his game, the more sensible outlet was that of Jesus Navas whose influence increased as the game went on.

Both sides opened up and this was where Sevilla thrived. A poor free-kick by Reyes was intercepted leading to an Atlético break, with two against one at the back, both Spahic and Reyes chased to win the ball back. The transition from defence to attack was fast from Sevilla which caught Atléti out. Kanoute's clever run drew Filipe Luis out and Navas was able to get past and cross for the young Diawara who smashed the ball home comfortably. Just before the goal Michel had looked to make a double change bringing on Trochowski and Del Moral, once Sevilla levelled, Fazio entered the pitch instead of Del Moral. Spahic was clearly injured which explains why Fazio was introduced and Trochowski was effectively a straight swap for Rakitic, it seemed as though Michel was looking to adapt the shape of the side, but the equaliser clearly changed his mind.


Atléti's early goal set the pace and their game plan. To sit on there lead, be difficult to break down and look to counter. Sevilla had 60% of the possession and were certainly better with it the 2nd half. Kanoute and Navas combined well a number of times to provide a consistent threat. A mixture of Sevilla's wingers tracking back better as the game went on and Atléti's full backs tiring made it difficult for Atléti to work the threat that they had early in the game.


Michel - Sevilla manager

"In the first half we lacked order, which we had prepared for in advance. In the second half we regained the initiative, it was more difficult, and that allowed us to get a draw and be closer to victory. In the second half we had more space, the pitch was broader, we merited to have won."

Diego Simeone - Atlético Madrid manager

"I do not have any rage. I am very happy with the players and our objective is to go game to game"



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